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Virtual phone numbers for online text message reception

Helps you get virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS and activating eBay, Facebook, Gmail, and other services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a number we provide you. You do not have to use a SIM card for this. We allot this number using software, and then you receive the incoming messages of this website or app.
Unfortunately, you cannot use the identical number again and again.
This is very likely to occur to a virtual number. It may be our fault, or the sender's. For example, this may arise if a website sends messages reluctantly, way too lengthy, or in a wrong manner (into the call system instead of the message system).
In this situation, you can terminate the transaction with this number, and the money will be adjusted to your balance. You can place an order for a new virtual phone number to receive the messages afterward.
Yes, we do have an English-speaking 24-hour support team available to solve all your queries. Feel free to ask us anything on our website chat.